How Late I Was, How Late

Sorry this took for fricking forever. (Actually, it’s been only three weeks, I guess.) But today, I plugged various numbers into a random number generator and selected winners for each of the items offered in my little “candy store” sweepstakes during the publication week for The Most Dangerous Thing.

Someone's new robot!

The winners are:

Day 1: A Walk Through Charm City and a complete set of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie books: Jane Jann.

Day 2: Esskay tin and cap: Kathy Sales.

Day 3: The wienermobile: Diane.

Day 4: The robot: Heather.

Day 5: A T-shirt (Be Careful or You’ll End up in My Novel) and the chance to end up in my novel: Andrea Norr. However, there is still a possibility that you’ll end up in a better novel.

Congrats to all and please e-mail me with your full names, shipping addresses. Then be patient! With Bouchercon on the horizon, I probably won’t get these things out until next week.

Oh, and just because I never mentioned it: Mary Vollmer won a free round-trip Southwest voucher from me by buying a copy of Dean James’s latest book from Murder by the Book earlier this year.




53 thoughts on “How Late I Was, How Late

  1. Did I really win the wienermobile?!!!! I’m hugely thrilled!! (My husband will not be-he is a little concerned about my dachshund kitsch collection sometimes.)

  2. Woohoo! I won! I never win and what an awesome prize: ) I hope I do end up in your novel! Maybe the eccentric, bibliophile with abs of steel (artistic license). Will send my info shortly.

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