Short Story Listings

Laura’s short stories appear in the following collections:By Hook or By Crook

Murderer’s Row,  2001

Dangerous Women, 2005

Like a Charm, 2005

Baltimore Noir, 2006

Damn Near Dead, 2006

Hardly Knew Her, 2008 (anthology) (individual stories for sale for e-readers)

Killer Year, 2008
December 2008; St. Martin’s Press; ISBN-13: 9780312545246

includes a Laura Lippman story

In the Shadows of the Master, 2009
January 2009; HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN-13: 9780061690396

By Hook or By Crook, 2010
November 2010; F+W Media, Inc.; ISBN-13: 9781935562320

A Study in Sherlock, 2011
October 2011; BantamDell; ISBN-13: 9780812982466


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