Last Call

I want to remind people that there is only one day left, through tomorrow, to sign up for the pizza party. As I am typing this, there are 11 spots left. But I have to submit a final head count by Thursday, so I can’t keep it open through the date. (Edited to add: If you purchased the book in any format, from any retailer, you can attend as well, but you need to e-mail me: Laura AT

Pizza + book + beverages > $21.99?

The Most Dangerous Thing gets a preliminary shout-out from Adam Woog in the Seattle Times. Woog has been a staunch supporter of my work for a long time and I’m always pleased to have in my corner. I confess, I worry when I see a word like “confusing” in a review, even when the reviewer goes on to say that readers will be rewarded. Then again — the time and POV shifts in the book are meant to be disorienting, part of the larger mystery (I hope) of how our parents’ lives can be hidden in plain sight. Let’s make that the reader question of the day: How do you feel about books that keep you off-balance and not just plot-wise? Honesty is encouraged. You can’t hurt my feelings. Well, maybe you can, but that’s my problem. 

I’m on vacation this week. I mean I am REALLY on vacation, taking a week off from the work-in-progress. I haven’t done that for a long time. So why am I blogging? Let Elvis Costello explain:


4 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. About being kept off-balance……some of that is good; it keeps us on our toes, but I do expect the writer to re-balance me by the end!

    :-) s

  2. I don’t mind multiple points of view but sometimes it forces a change in pace which can be disconcerting. In a book i know you like, Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, I felt like the multiple points of view forced the book to rush to its conclusion, almost like a college student frantically trying to finish an essay exam as the clock winds down. I never felt like I got to know Jackson Brodie like I did Tess in Baltimore Blues.

  3. I tend to like books that demand my attention and keep me working, but I also like a nice pay off. So I guess that means that I too like to be pushed off balance as long as you put me right at the end.

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