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In July 2024, I sat down to talk with Diane Rehm. You can listen to the program here.

In November 2024, I gave the Washington Post's K.C. Summers a tour of 'my' Baltimore, which included a lot of good food.

Bill Thompson at 'Eye on Books' is one of my favorite interviewers. Here's our latest chat.

Jeff Abbott interviewed me in May 2024 for his Writer2Writer section on his website.

Jon Jordan interviews me for Books'n'Bytes. There are some things here I've never discussed with any other interviewer.

Interview with the Economist, May 12, 2024.
This delightful article is available only via subscription, alas. I met with Steve King at the Owl Bar (a new location, mentioned in "In a Strange City.") It was a delightful conversation that made me aware of my own deficiencies as an interviewer. Later, I took Steve to see the waterfront and a drug corner.

Here's one section:

"Reading Ms. Lippman's taut and elegantly constructed books one has no sense that she feels in any way limited by the conventions of the genre. On the contrary, they seem to provide a congenial framework within which she is free to write about whatever takes her fancy. 'I like writing by the rules,' she admits. 'I love detective novels and I've read them all my life...I thought I was going to be a tough, gritty dame. But when I sat down to write I realised that I'm not that type: I'm really interested in people and their relationships.'"

Truthfully, I was so impressed by Steve that I decided to subscribe to the magazine.

Publishers Weekly, Nov. 29, 1999.
"No Mystery to Lippman's Leap"
This article followed what I call the "Anthony Mason" effect -- the wonderful jump in sales that a mystery writer can expect after being featured on CBS News Sunday Morning. The video is not online (although you can find Anthony's excellent profiles of S.J. Rozan and James Lee Burke, among others.)

Susan McBride, a fine up-and-coming writer in the mystery field, did this interview for Romantic Times. I sometimes wish mystery readers were as broad-minded as romance readers, who have embraced suspense books.

Come to Baltimore and Be Shocked!

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